Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Social Networks & Media ~Project Intercession~

Hello Everyone,

     In a day of social networks, blogging, status updates and on the go video chat, I've decided to create a thread purposed for media and my social network affiliations. Although a simple Google search of my name will reveal much social content, I rarely visit these sites, but I do use them to further the work here. However, with that said, I encourage anyone to check out my social sites and more importantly the media (short videos) I'll be broadcasting via Ustream. Pastor Paul Erdos and I have had great success using this tool for diverse needs of the ministry, so in like manner I plan on broadcasting live videos of music, witnessing and anything else the Lord lays on my heart.

     As much as the church (in terms of the building, a noun) is needful, I also believe the Lord has called us to be the church (in relation of actions, a verb) just as much! In this mindset, I wish to do simple things like, singing a song in public, leaving a piece of Gospel literature somewhere, speaking a word of encouragement to a brother or sister or helping a homeless person. Although I do not plan on capturing all of this on video and broadcasting it live to the world, I would like to see some things online. The Lord's will be done with this idea and not mine...

However, if and when it happens, it will be view-able here for free, of course! I hope you enjoy and once again invite you to participate as the Lord leads.

Revised  (April 14, 2016)
          Well due to some events that jeopardized safety and security, I was forced to remove most of the social media accounts of which I am associated. I plan on creating some Project Intercession accounts alone but frankly need more assistance maintaining such accounts. As the door opens new accounts will be added.

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