Sunday, January 13, 2013

Great Music ~Project Intercession~

Hello Everyone!

      So to compliment the thread dedicated solely to Great Books, here is a thread entirely consigned to great music. The Lord has used these songs at different times in my life for encouragement, strength; I trust they will be the same to you. Once again if need be, I can be reached by visiting this thread here or by viewing the FAQ here.

Great Music

Getting Used To The Dark

He's Still In The Fire

Four Days Late

Not Worth A Dime

His Life For Mine

Once Upon A Tree

He Gave His Life

Heaven's Irony

Hallelujah Chorus

Arise My Love

Through It All

Glory & Honor

Grave Robber

In Christ Alone

National Anthem

Forgiven Again

Before The Throne

Preach The Word

Rose Among The Thorns

Truth Is Marching On

Stay Strong

He Was There All The Time

Secret Place

Mercy at Midnight

It's About the Cross

I Found It All

I Want My Stage To Be An Altar

If You Knew Him

I've Been Here Before

Mercy Walked In


Through the Fire

Remind Me Of The Cross

Alpha & Omega

I'd Rather Have Jesus

Take It To The Cross

Love Is A Cross You Bear

I Can Only Imagine


He Knows


Trust In You

I Am Not Alone

Finish What He Started


How Great

Great I AM

You Are God Alone

Who Am I

More to come... in time!