Sunday, December 9, 2012

Open Floor ~Project Intercession~

Greetings to Everyone!

     It's been a little while since I posted anything or followed up on any of the comments. During this cessation, I was thinking of a few things that might peak interests. Firstly, the idea of an "Open Floor" where anyone could post anything they wanted whether or not it is relevant to Prayer or not. Secondly, I was thinking of making an area designated to great, uplifting music! And thirdly, a place to fellowship and offer some advice from a life experience. So without any further ado, I invite anyone to contribute as you see fit (obviously lets be considerate of others and the nature of this forum).

[Revised] December 28, 2012
      So in addition to the great music, I was thinking of constructing a list of great books! I know there are hundreds of thousands of superb reads, but I wish to post some that have directly affected my life for Christ! I encourage you to do the same. Please visit the new post dedicated for books found here and a new post dedicated just for music found here.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I post a comment?
   Answer- At the bottom of the page (click on the thread you'd like to read) is a blank box available for publishing a comment. Anyone can publish a comment regardless if you have an account or not.

2. How can I post a song? 
   Answer- Since blogs are limited in what can be uploaded, the easiest way to share a song is either by pasting the link to the song (also publish the title of the song) or if it is available, find it on Youtube and paste the link that way.

3. Can you find a specific song?
   Answer: I have access to a lot of music and if for some reason I don't have it I'm pretty sure I can find it for you.

4. Can you find a specific book?
    Answer: If there's a specific book you would like whether it's in eBook format or traditional, please let me know as I will do everything I can do get the book you desire.

5. I need some help navigating/posting material, what do I do?
   Answer- If you experience trouble and cannot resolve the issue, feel free to contact me through my Google Account (click on my Profile below or on the side navigation bar) or call me ( from the link at the bottom of the page.