Saturday, November 3, 2012

"What Can I Do?" ~Project Intercession~

"My fellow [Brothers & Sisters], ask not what your [God] can do for you, [but rather] ask what you can do for...[God]." This paraphrased quote was first spoken by Former President J.F.Kennedy.
     Today I had sweet fellowship with a fellow brother in Christ for a small while and pondered on this idea. So many Christians feel helpless and ineffective for Christ. The truth is actually contrary to this notion. Not only is this simply the Devil dealing out doubt and confusion (not of the Lord), but the Lord only ask that we be found faithful. Now this idea of faithfulness can cause derision so I must be careful how I proceed. I am in no way suggesting complacency or offering excuses.
     Being faithful is subjective to a certain degree. Other than certain commands offered by the Apostle's through the Bible (obviously under direction of the Holy Spirit), being faithful is a personal walk between the Christian and God. God is quite capable of speaking to His own effectively. While His central means of communication is the Bible, He is not limited to it alone. The reason I mention this is because the Lord will lead someone (by conviction, prayer, fellowship, etc) to do something or just be something for Him that others may not value or recognize. If this is followed as guided, it is a part of being faithful.
     Borrowed from past men of God and their powerful messages, I submit to you that God calls each Christian (and to some degree subjectively) to do (or be) whatever is within their power (or possession) He asks of them to do. This is being faithful. Faithfulness is not just an action but also a state of being. However, with this simple understanding, how often do Christians instead do (or are) nothing because of their personal perception, discouragement or laziness? Sadly, this has become the iconic description of the Church. Why?
    With technology and modern conveniences, one would think the cause of Christ would be furthered even contrasting the eras without these wonders. Instead, it has done nothing but rob the focus of Christians from Christ and towards the World. I challenge you Christians to a calling. Maybe you are not comfortable being a part of Project Intercession, handing out Gospel literature, or witnessing, or (______, fill in the blank), but what about the things you are comfortable with? Can these things be used for God? Are you willing to lay those down on the altar of sacrifice and offer those services to Jesus? A message I heard preached from a recording, had to do with this very issue; the preacher admonished the hearers to use "what is in thine hand". God will use you without a doubt, the question remains whether or not you are firstly willing and secondly committed?