Monday, October 22, 2012

What Is The Worth Of A Vapor? ~Project Intercession~

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." [Emphasis added] -James 4:14

Greetings Fellow Prayer Warriors,
     Today I felt an overwhelming sense of defeat and worthlessness. Have you ever experienced anything of the sorts? Has there been a time in your life where you just felt like quitting and "checking out"? I have, today is one of those days. I began to pray to my Heavenly Father and ask Him why I felt so useless and the meaning of this life again? I understood what King David said; Lord, don't take your Spirit away from me, restore the Joy of your Salvation.

    These last days make it quite easy for Christians to behave in two distinct ways. The first is worldly; the Apostle Paul described it throughout all of his Letters as living carnally. (For further reading on this subject, the first book of Corinthians is a good starting place and then Colossians). The second, distinct option is to be stagnant. The Devil constantly hounds on the Brethren to discourage, defeat, destroy (and any other malicious adjective you can think of) them, so the Lord is concealed in their lives. Both of these positions are futile and will lead to a troublesome life and eternity.

     I commenced this post with a Bible verse to get you thinking about your life. How much is smoke worth? When we blow out a candle, we don't treasure the smoke escaping from the extinguished flame. No, usually we quickly blow it away. It almost is annoying to have the smoke. In this allegory, I ask you again, what is the worth of your life? James relegates the life of humanity to the smoke of an extinguished flame. If our life is but smoke, why invest so much time to things that won't last?

    Every religion acknowledges an eternity of some sort or consequences based from this life. Why live at all? Well, this is one of the fundamental questions if humanity. All religions attempt to answer this question. What I submit to you today, is that the fundamental questions of humanity are answered in their entirety through Jesus Christ! Since He fulfills our questions, He also tells us what we can expect in this life and after. It is for this reason our lives are not meaningless despite the length of our lives (it is still but a vapor in length). Why not invest in things that have an eternal impact? Why live just for the moment? It will pass just as fast as your life will, never to be remembered again. Is this your desire? Is that it?

     After thinking about this for awhile, the Lord gently reminded me of a few things He's given to me. I was reminded of the beautiful wife I have and my sweet daughter and how life would be drastically worse without them. I also was reminded of His Salvation and many things I don't have to live with like hunger, homelessness and poverty. Immediately, the weight was lifted from my shoulders and I began to praise the Lord rather than wonder if I were of benefit to Him.

I challenge you to this simple task: the next time you feel useless, think of the blessings God has given to you and the cursed things you do not have to live with. I think your attitude will change and your spirit be lifted. God bless you all this week.