Sunday, September 23, 2012

Learning From My Ignorance ~ Project Intercession ~

All day, I have been contemplating on just how this work is to begin or what shall be of it once it began... I believe there is an answer...

I began my journey in the path of an Intercessor about 2 years ago. After the Lord used preaching, fellowship, a book (entitled Intercessor, By Norman Grubb, 1952) about the life of Rees Howells and of course His Supreme Word (The Holy Bible), I started to notice how weak my prayer life was; the meaninglessness it signified. From that time period onward, the Lord allowed me to taste what it would be like to walk in the Life of Christ; The Intercessor!

I believe we should start this journey with another book about prayer as well. I would not suggest forgetting about the Bible or neglecting a good old-fashion biblical study on Prayer, but sometimes it helps to see how the Lord worked in another believer's life and just how it might apply to you. The book is free and can be download either to your computer, tablet or smart phone. I have not read this book entirely yet, but plan on doing so as I have already begun reading it. The book contains a plan for learning about the life of an Intercessor by month. I plan on posting comments as I read the book and invite you to comment on the threads as well. I will be posting an etiquette thread soon to lay some groundwork for this forum. God Bless You as we embark on this journey!

The eBook is available here....

The Ministry Of Intercession- A Plea For More Prayer

Google Play Books & Kindle offer the eBook as well for free if it makes reading it easier. Please see the comment below and copy aand paste the URL address into your browser to add it to you Library.