Monday, September 24, 2012

First Prayer Request ~ Project Intercession ~

    Today I received an email asking prayer for an uncle of mine; so as to not cause any possible embarrassment, I'm not going to give his full name (Dave, is his first name). The request is for his health; he is asthmatic and has been for the greater part of his life, however, recently his nebulizer hasn't been helping much. His health has experienced some deterioration. The challenge is to become the Intercessor for Dave. The Lord is quite capable of healing his asthma completely. Becoming an Intercessor, is hiding ourselves in Christ so we may pray as he Wills. Before praying, please take some time and read John 15. This chapter essentially dictates whether our prayers are heard and answered according to our petition. Let's begin. Please post a comment of acknowledgment if you will be praying in this blessing.

(9/27/12) I read today on my Aunt's Facebook page, that my Uncle Dave is doing much better than before the prayer request. Also a vapor rub has seem to assist with his breathing. They asked that prayers still be raised for him so that a relapse is inhibited. Thank you for your participation as Intercessors. The Lord is capable of anything, we are the limiting factor.